LMCE 2017 & KSLM 58th Annual Meeting

It is with great delight we welcome you to the LMCE 2017 (Laboratory Medicine Congress & Exhibition) & KSLM 58th Annual Meeting to be held at the Grand Walkerhill Seoul in Korea from October 18 to 20, 2017.

Under the theme of “Laboratory Medicine in the Era of Disruptive Technology,” LMCE 2017 will serve as a platform for speakers and participants to engage in a variety of presentations and dynamic discussions on innovative laboratory technology to lead a new paradigm in the field of laboratory medicine.

As we are now kicking off with our promotional efforts, I would like to ask for your cooperation with the following requests, which would help us tremendously. 

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2.     LMCE 2017 Webmail
Could you supply us with the email lists of your members for LMCE 2017 promotional emails? Or, could you kindly distribute our promotional materials to your members by e-mail?

- URL: http://lmce-kslm.org//mail_2017/m-e02.html

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We greatly appreciate the assistance you may provide and hope this will be a great opportunity for exchanging and sharing valuable information in the future. We look forward to receiving your support of this networking event.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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