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labtechMED EURASIA 2015

26 - 29 Mart 2015

İstanbul - TÜRKİYE



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Turkish Journal Of Biochemistry


ifcc e-newsletter

The Journal of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine The Journal of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

LabMedica International

Dear Members, Authors, Referees, Editors,

As per the decision of Board of Directors of Turkish Biochemistry Society, the Turkish Journal of Biochemistry will be published jointly with Walter De Gruyter GmbH on-line publications commencing from January 2015. Our decision to forward such partnership is to increase the visibility of our journal in the international arena like taking part in online systems such as PubMed.

In this context we would like to share the following issues with you:

  • The journal will be published bimonthly as six issues a year.
  • In this context it is necessary that all publications must be sent to us in English starting from January 2015. However, the title, abstract and key words will be provided in Turkish. The articles regarding to issues on our country, will be published in both languages if only the English version of the article is submitted.
  • In order to meet De Gruyter regulations we need to make some changes to our rules of publication. More information about these are available on our website.
  • To avoid interruptions in releases, publications that have been approved and given doi numbers and those which were submitted and approved, will be published within the defined Turkish Journal of Biochemistry system. However, all articles to be posted after January 1st, 2015 must be made in accordance with the new publishing regulations.
  • Our journal will be published on a subscription basis which means it will no longer be an open access journal. Our members will be able to reach the journal free of charge for two years. The password to gain access to the system shall be available from our Society Secretariat for which the relevant details will be announced in the upcoming days by our Society
  • Furthermore printing charges will no longer be applied starting from 2015

We hope to work together as before with this new system and please do follow the updates and announcements on the Society and Journal websites.

Our mission is freedom and ethics in publishing, as said, we would like to celebrate this New Year hoping to continue our mission together.

With best regards,

Turkish Journal of Biochemistry-Türk Biyokimya Dergisi Editorial Board

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